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Crispy Spring Rolls

5.00 ₵

Allergens: allergen2

Crispy deep fried pastry with deliciously savoury vegetable filling, accompanied by a sweet and sour dip. (3 Pieces)

Chicken Skewers

6.00 ₵

Succulent chicken breast pieces skewered on bamboo sticks, coated in a sticky teriyaki sauce.

Steamed Dumplings

5.00 ₵

Juicy pork and vegetable filling wrapped in a soft dough dumpling, steamed to perfection. (6 pieces)

Thai Squid Rings

5.00 ₵

Deep fried squid rings in a crunchy batter, served with fresh lemon and sweet chili dip.

Starter Test

10.00 ₵

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